I spend a lot of time scrolling through feeds, and some times good stuff gets missed and I only realise an event has happened once I see pictures posted in dub related pages or groups. So the site has come about simply to help me plan my life, know what shows are on, and where they are being held – nothing more than that really.

I had the site running on a private page and it helped me a lot, and I just thought that others may have the same problems I have had. So here it is shared for the community to use, without any hooks. The site is not run for profit, or has hidden agenda’s, there is no committee – its just a bit of code that makes my life easier…hopefully it helps give you a bit more time in your life, for your family, the next project, or when you are at a sudden loose end, and you want to know what’s on quickly.

The list of events come from the internet feeds of public groups that I read through or get pointed at by a friend or by an organiser getting in touch. I do host an event called VW Funday Sunday with a couple of friends in Queensland, but other than that you if you have any questions about the events head towards the actual organiser, I am just a messenger, I have no major political, personal ties to any car club. I just appreciate Volkswagen cars, in all their variations and styles, and enjoy nothing more than wandering around dubs, having a natter (and a cider for three) and taking photos, thats really the driver for the whole site.

Hope it helps you too.

Take it easy, and happy dubbin!