How To Use The Site

This is a short description of how best to use the site…

Viewing Events

There are two options single row view and large show picture view, this is how to choose them

Single Row Event View

By selecting the lined icon (shown below) this will place the events listed in a single row view mode

Result of pressing the single row view above.

Large Event Picture View

Selecting the large graphic view mode (highlighted in blue below)

Gives the events shown in this view

Filtering By Event Type

You can select a tag to pick the type of event we want, so looking at the event page, say we want to see only Dub Events, under the Filter by tag: you will see all available tag options you can filter the event by, in the example below the Dub Event filter tag is selected

The filter will be applied then only those event types will be shown, you can see when the filter is applied as it will be shown in the tool bar (shown in the graphic below).

You can now select another tag which will apply a secondary filter to the filtered results of Dub Events if you wish, or just scroll through and see what is there. To remove the filter click on the option Reset as highlighted above on the right.

Keywords, Location or Timing

The final way of searching is by using the Keywords, where you can type in what you like to filter the contained events, or instead use the Location option to look for places close to you. I would suggest using Tags for this if you want to search by Location though. Probably the most useful here is the Timing option which lets you pick, Today, Tomorrow or whenever the latest loaded show event runs out too!, as shown below

Hopefully that gets you going, any problems mind, just give us a nudge via the feedback form.


Once a month I will download the events I have listed and place them in a PDF and email them to you if you like, no worries if you are happy just reading.

Well that’s about it really, if you have any questions, please fire them in via the feedback form.

Have a good one, hopefully catch you at a show or campsite somewhere…


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