What’s New

Below is a listing of the updates that occur on the website, to help keep track of everything going on

11th March 2020

9th March 2020

5th March 2020

2nd March 2020

  • A new series of posts have been launched called People’s Choice, this is where people are able to submit their vehicles to be included in posts on the website
  • Front page has been changed slightly to improve load times; latest posts have now replaced links to the Oz Journal with a slider of recent posts.

29th February 2020

14th February 2020

25th January 2020

  • The Dub Directory is back (did you actually miss it :-D). This page lists all the Clubs, Groups and Pages that I follow. In reinstating the directory, I’ve have also add an option to Add Your Club, Group or Page as well.
  • Newsletter Sign-up form has been amended, so when you submit your details you are automatically moved to a Successful subscribe page just to help confirm that your all good to go.
  • The All Shows and Events page has been amended to help loading times. The page now loads in a Event List view mode instead of the Event Box view mode.
  • Added the ability for visitors to post events so that they can be added to OZ VW Shows website and Facebook page
  • The Annual Show Calendar page has also been updated and placed under the VW Shows and Events Menu; bit of a work in progress but will add more events and get them all linked in the coming week.

14th August 2019

  • The site now has a SSL certificate which can be seen with the padlock in the address bar. There is no actual need for this level of security but I am dubious of sites that don’t have it, so obviously I guess you if you are reading this, its on your mind as well, so now we both can sleep easy!
  • Due to how easy the new method is to load events onto the site, I’ve now moved back to holding all events on a seperate page as the loading times where getting longer with each event added; the next 5 events are now shown only on the landing page, with the option to view more available via an action button.
  • Banner has been updated, that now shows good old Tassie, sorry for missing you off for so long!
  • Tags! To locate Events easier I have added tags to all the events, this means you no longer need to trawl the events, you pick the filter to see what you want.. so if you just want to see Dub Events, click the Vee Dub tag, and the events will be filtered, if you just wanted to see Meet ups, then pick that tag, same as just want to see events in Victoria, then click on that tag.
  • Searches! To locate events if you just want to do key words or dates then there is now a filter for that, just pick events next week, today or next year… the choice is yours!
  • Think that covers all the feedback provided up to today, so thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

7th July 2019

  • Site has been revamped to remove broken links and troubled working pages – just making it simple to either view and maintain.
  • Finally worked out what was going wrong with my event listing being all mixed up, so I’ve moved it to be shown on the front page.. keeping it simple allowing me now just to focus on the event loading!

6th January 2019

  • Newsletter Sign up page created. The intention of the Newsletter is to share what’s coming up in the month and what has been added since the last newsletter. This is to help ensure all users see the events rather than relying on social media algorithms
  • Events page updated to show link to the Newsletter
  • Home page updated to show link to the Newsletter
  • Recurring events bug has been corrected
  • Copyright statement updated for 2019
  • What’s New page updated.

22nd August 2018

25th July 2018

  • Facebook recent API changes have meant all former listings (per location) have been removed.
  • Google Mapping removed from site due to fee’s now being applied for services.
  • Events page created to show all listed events contained on the site.
  • Filter added to Events page to allow for basic searching of events by location state or territory.
  • Privacy Policy page added.
  • Home page amended to original format with an extra sentence to explain the loading of events.
  • How To Use This Site page updated.
  • What’s New page updated.
  • Feedback page created; formerly known as Suggestions.
  • All forms updated to ensure alignment to privacy policy with regards to data requested.
  • Mobile site navigation error corrected, previously two menus where displayed.

10th April 2018

  • Home page amended to show event listings from OZ VW Shows Facebook page as an automated carousel instead of the listing
  • All Events menu option added to the What’s On section
  • What’s New page updated

9th April 2018

  • The following Pages and Groups added to the What’s On and News Feed Section
    • QLD Car Events
    • Old Skool Cars N Street Machines
    • Cars and Coffee – Gold Coast
    • Volkswagen Spectacular.
    • WA Pro Street Automotive
    • Perth Petrolheads
    • Seductive Street Scene Perth
    • Volkswagen cars of Western Australia
    • Volkswagen buy & sell Western Australia
    • Volksclub Bendigo
  • Annual Show Calendar has been added to the What’s On section
    • Annual Show Calendar download made available.
    • Submit an Annual Event Form added.
  • How to Use This Site page added.
  • What’s New page added.

8th April 2018