Bad Little Buggers are hosting their monthly Vee Dub Social night tomorrow down at the McDonalds Annerley (333 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD 4103). The club meet first between 6.30-7pm for Coffee and a Chat on the balcony before heading downstairs for the more formal meeting.

Click here to find them on Facebook or view the event details on OZ VW Shows.


Never been to a club night? Are you thinking about going but not sure what you will find when you get there, then I say just go along, if you love your Vee Dubs be it air-cooled or water-cooled Clubs are what make and break the Vee Dub community, it doesn’t matter if these clubs are online (such as the various forums) or face to face meet-ups what is important is that they happen.

Without these communities and the energy their members place in to them, we would be without all the events put on by enthusiasts for enthusiasts that we all love; I mean all our favourite events are ran by a club I’m guessing – so give it a go you may enjoy it.

Nowhere near Brisbane but interested in joining in with a Club then please have a look at the Dub Directory and see where the nearest one is to you, if there isn’t one, why not start one, after all you came here looking for like-minded people and when you do let us know and we will add you to the directory