Motafrenz Car Club Inc. is Australia’s oldest and largest car club for the GLBTIQ+ community, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

We’re all about cars and socialising. You don’t need a special or classic car, or even a car at all!
Join our fun and friendly group for dinner, country cruises, weekends away and social events. Come along – you don’t have to be a member.
  • We are focussed on the GLBTIQ+ community but everyone is welcome
  • We are not all about the technicalities of cars
  • We have a weekend drive, and also a cheap eats every month, along with weekends away, 4WD days, slot car racing nights and we often attend car shows and exhibitions.
We are not your typical car club in that we are not aligned to one particular make of vehicle. Our members’ vehicles range from veteran and vintage cars and motorcycles to post-war classics, modern cars, sports cars, 4WD vehicles and popular modern everyday vehicles.
We are also registered with VicRoads – so if you have a vehicle which is over 25 years old, and you only need to use it less than 90 days a year, you can save hundreds of dollars every year on rego and insurance just by joining the Club Permit Scheme (CPS).
To find out more about Motafrenz, our events and CPS visit:
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There are currently no events.
There are currently no events.