The People’s Choice spotlight falls on Jack Newcombe to kick off a new series of posts on OZ VW Shows. Big thanks to Jack for kicking us of in style, a beautiful 1978 Westie…

1. What Make And Model is Your Vee Dub?
1978 Westfalia Berlin
2. How Long Have You Had The Vee Dub For?
2 years
3. Have You Named Your Vee Dub
So What Is the Name And How Did You Come To Give Your Dub That Name?
My westfalia is Named “Farrah”
Previous owners daughter was named farrah and absolutely heartbroken they had to sell the camper. After shipping it from the uk to Australia we found a handmade bracelet under the back seat with the word “Farrah”
Farrah also means Beautiful in old english.
Seemed fitting!
4. Was There Any Special Reason For The Purchase?
James Bugg made me do it
5. Is it a Daily Driver or a Happy Escape?
Happy Escape
5. What’s The Last Job You Had To Get Sorted On The Vee Dub?
Gear selecting coupling
6. What’s The Next Job Or Mod You Want To Get Sorted?
Would love to repair the canvas due to the Californian sunburn and replace the canvas
7. When you get behind the wheel what’s the first thing you think about before cranking the engine?
Is it going to start?
8. What’s the best road trip you have done in the Vee Dub?
The biggest road trip was collecting farrah, other than that driving 1000km round trip from home to macksville, 6 weeks after getting it on the road in Australia
9. What Was Your Favourite Show You Have Been To In Your Vee Dub, What Made It Special?
Volkswagen Spectacular 2018, first proper show for Farrah in Australia
10. What’s won’t you leave home without when you are heading out in your Dub
Wallet, tools and a fully charged phone
11. Have you tried contacting the previous owners to dig out some of the history
What Did You Find Out About You Vee Dub?
Traced the history back to the year 2000
Dont have much before then unfortunately
12. What Makes You Love Your Dub?
Everything, the journey of buying it and the feeling i get whilst driving it.
13. What Else Would You Like To Tell Us About Your Vee Dub
I had a week off between a change in career path. Decided flying to the U.K to buy my dream camper was the best way to spend that time. Even booked the flights before telling my partner, emily.

Sincere thanks Jack for taking the time to give us your story, many thanks mate,


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