The OZ VW Shows People’s Choice spotlight this week falls on Darryl Mole and his stunning 1974 bus which if you went to Dubs on the Hill recently you would have seen take the T2 top spot.

1. What Make And Model is Your Vee Dub?
1974 8 seater deluxe bus
2. How Long Have You Had The Vee Dub For?
7 years now
3. Have You Named Your Vee Dub
So What Is the Name And How Did You Come To Give Your Dub That Name?
Going through a full restoration and modification I was continuously was asked his name. I had to wait for him to be finished and then find some inspiration. We found a Pop Vinyl of Jafar from Aladdin and it just clicked
4. Was There Any Special Reason For The Purchase?
We wanted an 8 seater bus to do formals and weddings etc but didn’t expect him to turn out like he has
5. Is it a Daily Driver or a Happy Escape?
Happy Escape
5. What’s The Last Job You Had To Get Sorted On The Vee Dub?
Kombi s don’t have an accessory position on the ignition switch so I have wired up an accessory circuit on an auxiliary battery so we can play the stereo and tv while parked
6. What’s The Next Job Or Mod You Want To Get Sorted?
He still needs a slight tweak on the carburettors to make him run sweet
7. Have You Ever Had A Piggy Back On A Tow Truck? What’s Your Best Breakdown Story?
No he has only done 1 trip
8. When you get behind the wheel what’s the first thing you think about before cranking the engine?
Wow these WRX seats are sooo comfortable
9. What’s the best road trip you have done in the Vee Dub?
The only one so far is from Hervey Bay to Toowoomba
10. What Was Your Favourite Show You Have Been To In Your Vee Dub, What Made It Special?
The first show Dubs On The Hill in Toowoomba where Jafar took out the trophy for Best Bay Window T2
11. What’s won’t you leave home without when you are heading out in your Dub
Good music to play on his awesome stereo
12. Have you tried contacting the previous owners to dig out some of the history
What Did You Find Out About You Vee Dub?
The young bloke we bought him from had just found a splitty to rebuild so the bay window had to go ( my win)
13. What Makes You Love Your Dub?
How well he rebuild turned out and to see how much others appreciate the effort that went into his build
14. What Else Would You Like To Tell Us About Your Vee Dub
All vws are great and we have met many people and made some great friends we would not have met without owning them


Darryl, truly thanks for sharing the story of Jafar with all the readers of the site and many congratulations with taking the T2 top spot at Klub VW Darling Downs Dubs on the Hill 2020.

Enjoy them WRX seats! Cheers mate


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