The OZ VW Shows People’s Choice spotlight this week falls on the founder of the Lowlight Kombi Crew Facebook Group, Craig Benstead to tell us all about his beautiful 1970 Lowlight

1. What Make And Model is Your Vee Dub?
1970 Lowie
2. How Long Have You Had The Vee Dub For?
Just over 1yr
3. Have You Named Your Vee Dub
So What Is the Name And How Did You Come To Give Your Dub That Name?
Destiny of Desire reason being I knew I’d get this old bus on the road again fairly quick.
4. Was There Any Special Reason For The Purchase?
I’d seen it posted on Instagram by Sam Aussiekombihunter for weeks, nobody seemed major keen. House sold had cash brought it about 4 weeks later. Being the founder of The Lowlight kombi crew, I need a Lowie on the road.
5. Is it a Daily Driver or a Happy Escape?
Daily Driver
Happy Escape
5. What’s The Last Job You Had To Get Sorted On The Vee Dub?
Worked on brakes today, adjustment.
6. What’s The Next Job Or Mod You Want To Get Sorted?
Doing a quick adjuster beam ready for Macksville, then she’ll get a new 40mm raised beam, adjusters, drop spindles & disc brake front. Have drop plates for the rear from Freshkustoms
7. Have You Ever Had A Piggy Back On A Tow Truck? What’s Your Best Breakdown Story?
No not yet….
8. When you get behind the wheel what’s the first thing you think about before cranking the engine?
Don’t really think, the mind and body relaxes as soon as your sitting in the driver’s seat.
9. What’s the best road trip you have done in the Vee Dub?
Haven’t gone far yet, but the trip up to Chillout was cool.
10. What Was Your Favourite Show You Have Been To In Your Vee Dub, What Made It Special?
1st show was Chillout, great event locally. My interior trim was literally just finished the night before the show.
11. What’s won’t you leave home without when you are heading out in your Dub
Mobile phone haha.
12. Have you tried contacting the previous owners to dig out some of the history
13. What Makes You Love Your Dub?
It’s a cruiser, not in any hurry. We’ll get there.


Craig, truly thanks for sharing an insight in to the Destiny of Desire and your story with all the readers of the site. Cheers mate


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