The OZ VW Shows People’s Choice spotlight today falls on Laurel Mole who runs the V Dub Fraser Coast Facebook Group whose going to share her story about a lovely 1975 Sopru camper

1. What Make And Model is Your Vee Dub?
Sopru camper 1975
2. How Long Have You Had The Vee Dub For?
7 years
3. Have You Named Your Vee Dub
So What Is the Name And How Did You Come To Give Your Dub That Name?
BELLA spanish for beautiful
4. Was There Any Special Reason For The Purchase?
She was to be a donor car but she was in too good a nick and was located housed up in a shed just 10 km from home. Only real rust was a small bit under the pop top
5. Is it a Daily Driver or a Happy Escape?
Happy Escape
6. What’s The Last Job You Had To Get Sorted On The Vee Dub?
New carbs about 6 months ago
7. What’s The Next Job Or Mod You Want To Get Sorted?
Quarter window to be installed and a diesel heater ready for VW spectaculer in July
8. Have You Ever Had A Piggy Back On A Tow Truck? What’s Your Best Breakdown Story?
Hell no have a great hubby who keeps her on the road
9. When you get behind the wheel what’s the first thing you think about before cranking the engine?
Freedom time to chillout
10. What’s the best road trip you have done in the Vee Dub?
To Bustop 2018 at Stanthorpe was a great adventure with our kombi family
11. What Was Your Favourite Show You Have Been To In Your Vee Dub, What Made It Special?
Not one in particular its just great to catch up with fellow kombi lovers
12. What’s won’t you leave home without when you are heading out in your Dub
My vodka and comfy clothes
13. Have you tried contacting the previous owners to dig out some of the history
What Did You Find Out About You Vee Dub?
That it had been sitting in the shed for 10 years as the owner was too sick to finish it. Unfortunately when we took it back after completion Hazels husband had passed away
14. What Makes You Love Your Dub?
She is mine and is my happy place
Have met some amazing people and everyone you talk to has a great story to tell about the kombis they have owned present or past

Laurel thanks for taking the time to share your story with us all and your patience with me in getting this post out. I truly do look forward at catching up with yourself for a coffee and a chat as soon as we can


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