The OZ VW Shows People’s Choice spotlight today falls on Ray Johnston who rolls with the Gold Coast Dub Club whose going to share his story about probably one of the most famous Vee Dubs in QLD and beyond!

1. What Make And Model is Your Vee Dub?
1966 Australian made beetle
2. How Long Have You Had The Vee Dub For?
11 years
3. Have You Named Your Vee Dub
So What Is the Name And How Did You Come To Give Your Dub That Name?
Tangerine Dream After The Beatles song Tangerine Dream forever and the colour
4. Was There Any Special Reason For The Purchase?
Partner had an accident and I have stopped work to be her full-time carer and I was going stir crazy at home with nothing to do so I brought a rough condition beetle of a friend.
5. Is it a Daily Driver or a Happy Escape?
Happy Escape
6. What’s The Last Job You Had To Get Sorted On The Vee Dub?
Custom perspex deck lid
7. What’s The Next Job Or Mod You Want To Get Sorted?
I think I’m finished haha


8. Have You Ever Had A Piggy Back On A Tow Truck? What’s Your Best Breakdown Story?


9. When you get behind the wheel what’s the first thing you think about before cranking the engine?
it’s my happy place I enjoyed taking it to shows and putting smiles on other people’s faces watching people as you’re cruising down the highway taking photos of you.
10. What’s the best road trip you have done in the Vee Dub?
Too many to list every road trip is a great one
11. What Was Your Favourite Show You Have Been To In Your Vee Dub, What Made It Special?
Valla Macksville 2018 as I will awarded one of the top 10 vehicles I could not believe it and a fantastic 5 days we spent there
12. What’s won’t you leave home without when you are heading out in your Dub
My fire extinguisher and spare parts which I’ve never needed to use thank god
13. Have you tried contacting the previous owners to dig out some of the history
I know the previous owner


14. What Makes You Love Your Dub?
It’s just something you can’t explain
15. What Else Would You Like To Tell Us About Your Vee Dub?
I brought the car 11 years ago I spent 5 1/2 years restoration with no assistance from anybody I built everything myself interior upholstery which are Subaru seats front and back embroidered Flames on the hood lining custom aluminium door panels from the USA which match my hood lining custom tangerine paint engine is a 1770 with a 120 cam best time I’ve run at Warwick on the 18 was 12.32 the engine case is polished and every Chrome accessory I could find with touches of candy apple red throughout custom perspex engine lid using the original frame stock 14 inch wide wheels with hubcaps and chrome trim rings

Ray you total star for helping to pull all the pictures together and taking the time to share your story mate, about how such a stunning beetle came to be!


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